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Shrikant Pawar MS, Ph.D. 

Department of Computer Science and Biology

Claflin University

Address: School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
James S. Thomas Science Building, Rm. 331

400 Magnolia St, Orangeburg, SC 29115, United States

Co-founder, ChestAi Office Phone: 803-535-5332; Cell: 404-431-0213

AOL:; Proton:; Tutanota:; Discord id: pawar#7724,,;;

Pawar is an Assistant Professor (tenure-track) in Department of Computer Science and with a joint appointment in Biology at Claflin University with a Masters in Computer Science and a Ph.D. from Georgia State University, Atlanta. He's also an co-founder of a Connecticut based AI company, ChestAi; Georgia Research Consulting (GRC), Research & Training in STEM Studies, Atlanta and a research affiliate at Yale University School of Medicine. The research in his group is focused on big data (next-generation sequencing, microarrays, X-ray crystallography etc.) analysis with machine learning techniques (Neural networks, SVM’s, Restricted boltzmann machines, Clustering algorithms etc.). If you share similar interests feel free to contact. You can browse some of the recent machine learning applications on GitHub in projects. The detailed list of credentials can be found at: Linkedin, NCBI Bibliography or Google Scholar (h-index=15; i10-index=26; Google Scholar Citations=2000 [01/13/2023]).


  1. Doctor of Philosophy (Bioinformatics): Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  2. Master of Science (Computer Science): Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  3. Master of Science (Biology): Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  4. Master of Science (Bioinformatics): Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

  5. Continuing Studies Program (2023-24): Stanford University, USA

  • Doctoral Dissertation (GPA 3.6):
    Goal: Identifying newer bioinformatics techniques for studying drug resistance in HIV & Staphylococcus aureus. Dissertation published here.
    Contributions: Application of machine learning techniques (Restricted Boltzmann Machine) on next generation sequencing, microarray datasets and structure guided drug design studies on HIV-1 protease. Application of algorithms was performed using R and Python functional programming languages while the structure guided drug design was studied using enzyme kinetics and X-ray crystallography. Our new technique of applying Restricted Boltzmann Machine produced highly accurate and robust classification of HIV protease resistance profiles. It was also used to effectively compare resistance profiles of different clinical protease inhibitors.

    Pawar, Shrikant, "Bioinformatics Techniques for Studying Drug Resistance In HIV and Staphylococcus Aureus." Dissertation, Georgia State University, 2019. doi: 

  • Master’s Degree (Computer Science) Project (GPA 3.6):
    Goal: Computational optimization of defined graph-based sequence structure HIV-1 protease resistance prediction through supervised, unsupervised machine learning techniques.
    Contributions: Application of supervised and unsupervised clustering techniques on next generation sequencing datasets for identifying representative HIV-1 protease sequences. Current projects in collaboration with Dr. Eichenbaum, Dr. Aneja, Dr. Charles Derby, & Dr. Chung-Dar Lu.

  • Master’s Degree (Bioinformatics) Project (GPA 3.6):
    Goal: Transcriptomic data analysis to determine the impact of antioxidant supplementation on gene expression in brains of mice infected with T. gondii. Current projects in collaboration with Dr. Claire Rinehart & Dr. Cheryl Davis.
    Contributions: Application of linear transformations like data driven Haar-Fisz transformations on microarray datasets for identifying gene expression trends.

Field of Research/Study (Current projects in collaboration with Dr. LilesDr. BagasraDr. Chowdhary, Dr. Sahu, Dr. Tisdale, Dr. Konneman Daniel, Dr. Derrick Swinton, Dr. Gao Zhi & Dr. TheppatornDr. Desowky Scired: Scientific Research & Development at Claflin University)

  1. Bioinformatics 

  2. Computational Biology 

  3. Data Science 

  4. Artificial Intelligence 

  5.  Computer Vision

Work Experience (Relevant)*:

2022: Research affiliate at Yale University School of Medicine. Current projects in collaboration with Dr. LilesDr. BagasraDr. Chowdhary, Dr. Sahu, Dr. Tisdale, Dr. Theppatorn, Dr. Konneman Daniel, Dr. Derrick Swinton, Dr. Gao ZhiDr. Desowky Scired: Scientific Research & Development at Claflin University.

2023: Georgia Research Consulting (GRC) LLC, Title: Co-founder, Research & Training in STEM Studies, Atlanta: Research and teaching consultant for graduate and undergraduate students. 

2020: Yale University, New Haven, USA. Title: Associate Research Scientist (, current projects in collaboration with Dr. Christian Griñán Ferré, Univesity of BarcelonaDr. Kleinstein, Yale UniversityDr. Uduman, Dana Farber Harvard; Dr. George Tegos, Gamma TherapeuticsDr. Lahiri, Sunway University; Dr. Allen. BaleDr. Hui. Zhang, DNA Diagnostic Lab at Yale University; Dr. Insoo. KangDr. Kei-Hoi Chung; and Dr. Leying Guan at Yale University

2020: ChestAi, New Haven, USA. Title: Co-Founder ( ChestAi was started with computer scientists and geneticists at Yale university with a common motivation of providing a free and open source platform for rapid and robust diagnosis of pathologies identified by radiological examinations. (

2019: Karyosoft, Indianapolis, USA. Title: Genomics Data Scientist, worked on angular, nodejs, flask, AWS, MongoDB, Rabbit-mq, Nginx webserver, Jbrowse techniques for data mining and software visualization

2019: Synergy (Plus+) LLC.P.O. Atlanta, USA. Title: Data Scientist, worked on web development, statistical and data mining techniques for platform optimization

2018: Georgia State University, Department of Biology, Atlanta, USA. Title: Instructor of Record Next generation sequencing (NGS) analysis in R, BIOL6930 (Introduction to R, Microarrays: gene expression analysis, algorithms, databases, data visualization: heat maps, pie-charts, Venn diagrams.), Introduction to operating server and High Performance Computing cluster. (STAT341, STAT401, CSCI/HNTH391/392, BTEC620, BIOL560, STAT451, CSCI225, BIOL441, BTEC599), BIOL114, 121, 1103 (General biology, lab, experimental aspects of cellular organization and processes, metabolism, DNA structure and replication, and mendelian and population genetics)

2018: Georgia State University, Department of Computer Science & Biology, Atlanta, USA. Title: Ahmed T. Abdelal Fellow in Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology Current projects in collaboration with Dr. Eichenbaum, Dr. Aneja, Dr. Charles Derby, & Dr. Chung-Dar Lu.

2013: Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany. Title: Center for International Collaborative (CIC) Research Fellow Current projects in collaboration with Dr. Claire Rinehart & Dr. Cheryl Davis.

2012: University of Iowa, Department of Biology, Iowa City, USA. Title: Visiting Research Fellow




Membership (Selected)*:

1. TiE Global International Entrepreneurship:

2. Georgia State Biology Graduate Student Association (GSU-BGSA):

3. Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC)-Georgia Tech University:

4. Western Kentucky University Biograd Association

5. Western Kentucky University Student Government Association (WKU SGA):

6. Western Kentucky University Graduate Council:

7. Biophysical Society:

8. American Chemical Society:

9. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE):

10. Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society:

11. HackerSpace-Free Side Atlanta:

12. Kentucky Academy of Science:

13. Academic Society for Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds (ASFFBC):

14. American Association for Cancer Research (AACR):

15. American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS):

16. Boston Children Hospital and Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital: Precision Vaccine Program

17. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM):

18. Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study (MIDAS):

19. Australian Academy of Science:

20. Healthcare Information For All:

21. Community Mentor, Clarivate Web of Science:

22. South Carolina Bio:

23. The American Philosophical Association:

24. HBCU C2

25. Advancing Indigenous People in STEM (AISES):

26. International Advanced Computing Conference:

27. International Journal of Intelligent Information System

28. Biomedical Research and Clinical Reviews

29. Bioinformatics and Proteomics

30. Global Translational Medicine

31. International Journal of Clinical Images and Medical Reviews

32. PriMera Engineering Scientific Surgical Research and Practice (ISSN: 2836-0028)

33. Systemic Initiative for Modeling Investigations & Opportunities with Differential Equations (SIMIODE):

34. Soft Computing Research Society (SCRS):

35. Observational Health Data Sciences & Informatics (OHDSI):

36. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease:

37. AWSAcademy Machine Learning University (MLU) Community of Practice               Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning Professional Development Intensive Bootcamp Part I for Teachers (1, 2, 3

38. Guidepoint Network (advisor & consultant)

39. Yale CBIT Healthcare Hackathon committee member 

39. Yale Center for Engineering, Innovation, and Design member 


Extramural Funding & Internal Awards (Selected)*:

1. Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) Hardware Grant (2018), Georgia State University, USA:                                      Poster Link [*2021:4

2. Create-X, Startup Launch Grant (2019), Georgia Institute of Technology, USA: “Utilization of convolutional neural networks for security against password cracking”:

3. Yale University, Rothberg Fund (2020), USA: “CHEST-AI: AI tool for detection of lung diseases from chest X- ray data”:                                     Poster Link [*2023:1, 4, 9; 2021: 17, 23][**21, 23, 29, 30Github Product

4. Entrepreneurship Foundation Fund (2020), USA: “CHEST-AI: AI tool for detection of lung diseases from chest X- ray data”: [*2023:1, 4, 9; 2021: 17, 23][**21, 23, 29, 30 Github

5. Culinda Technologies (2020), Texas, USA ( Machine learning solutions for medical devices that provide deep insight into IoT and IoMT applications  [*2023:1, 4, 9; 2021: 17, 23][**21, 23, 29, 30 Github

6. SC Independent Colleges & Universities SCICU Undergraduate Student/Faculty Research Program (2022): Utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) to increase the effectiveness of finding career opportunities. Student-**Joshua Kiprono Presently software engineer at Atlassian, $7,169 (direct, 100%). App Deploy: Poster Link                [**30][**39] GitHub 

7. Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub Azure Credits (2022) $25,000 ( “CHEST-AI: AI tool for detection of lung diseases from chest X- ray data”.

8. Oracle for Research Award:

9. Institutional Development Award (IDeA) Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) Research Education of Teachers SC INRE South Carolina Established Program for Stem Cooperative Research South Carolina Established Program for Stem Cooperative Research (SC EPSCoR) Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program (2022): (******Ms. Etha, Bamberg Ehrhardt High School). Award utilized for configuring computing infrastructure (Lenovo ThinkSystem SR250 rack servers) in the Department of Computer Science for machine learning applications.                   Github Github

10. Claflin University Smart Home, Center of Excellence Seed Grant (2022): Collection and processing of health-care data for African-American subjects from wrist wearable devices: $19,919.88 (direct, 100%, Pilot funding)

11. Google HBCU Career Readiness Capacity Grant (2023): $20,000 (direct, 100%)

12. SC Independent Colleges & Universities SCICU Undergraduate Student/Faculty Research Program (2023): A prospective, community-based observational study for creating a comprehensible electronic health record (EHR) database using wearable devices in African American cohort. $7,000 (direct, 100%). Students-**Priscilla Fatokun and **Oluwamayowa Owolabi               Github Poster Poster [**30][**39]

13. National Science Foundation South Carolina Established Program for Stem Cooperative Research (SC EPSCoR) RII Track-1 Award: AI-enabled Devices for the Advancement of Personalized and Transformative Healthcare in South Carolina (2023-2027): Total Award (direct and indirect), Role: Co-PI, 100% $20,000,000.00, Claflin Sub-award $414,000.00. A multi-institutional grant collaboration between Clemson University in partnership with Benedict College, The Citadel, Claflin University, College of Charleston, Francis Marion University, Medical University of South Carolina, South Carolina Research Authority, South Carolina State University, Tri-County Technical College, University of South Carolina, and Winthrop University. [*9][**38, 40, 42, 43Poster Funding supports Claflin University students **Caliese J. Beckford and **Mr. Sabb, DinariThrust II: Techniques of computer vision for image analysisEducation and Workforce DevelopmentProject Implementation Team.                       Presentation PPT PPT

14. Claflin University Summer Seed Research Grant (2023): Utilization of Machine Learning Techniques for Aiding Detection of Ischemic Stroke Lesion, Infarct Volumes, and Small-artery Occlusions: $10,000. (direct, 100%, Pilot funding)                      [**33] Poster Github Paper Presentation PPT

15. National Science Foundation South Carolina Established Program for Stem Cooperative Research (SC EPSCoR) RII Track-1 AwardGAIN CRP (Grants for Applications in Industry and Networking Collaborative Research Program): AI-Enabled Construction of Aligned Collagen Using Two-Photon Techniques (2024-2025): Total Award (direct and indirect) $70,000.00 [**43Poster Funding supports Claflin University students **Caliese J. Beckford and **Mr. Sabb, Dinari. Role: Co-PI, (direct, 100%) 

16. Title III and Special Initiative Office SEED Funding, Claflin University: Biomarker Identification for the Diagnosis of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) (2024): Total Award (direct and indirect) $8,840.00 Github Students involved **Lierra Rivera Presently doctoral student at Clemson University, Bioengineering Program, **Germari Cull, **Mr. Adrian Lockwood and **Kalyn Wesby. Role: PI, (direct, 100%) GitHub

[Role-Investigator: 1,2,3,4,5,7,8; Co-PI/PI: 6,9,10,11,12,13, 14, 15, 16] [*Published articles from publications; **Presentations from conferences]

Travel Awards (Selected)*:

1. Georgia State University, Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA), September 2013. Github [*2019: 13][**12]

2. Western Kentucky University, Department of Biology, Nov 2011. Github  [*2011: 4][**15]

3. New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI) conference, 2018:

4. Institute for Data Engineering and Science, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2019:

5. Cascadia R Conf 2021 Workshop Scholarship.

6. Baylor College of Medicine, All of Us Evenings with Genetics (AoUEwG) Research Program’s Underrepresented Biomedical Faculty Summit (UBRFS).

7. Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA), Georgia State University, American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) conference, 2019. Github [*2019: 8][**8]

8. Guest Lecturer, Issued by Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune. India. Dec 2018. University:
Topic: Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy logic and its applications in Homeopathic Repertories.  PPT: Git:
9. Guest Lecturer, Managing research effectively, 2023 online summer school by Narayanan A, Lahiri C & Pawar S, Center for Research, Innovation & Translation, Department of Biotechnology, Atmiya University, India. 
University: Topic:

10. Honored Listee, Marquis Who's Who,

11. AWS Machine Learning University Bootcamp for Educators, Introduction to Machine Learning. , Machine Learning Intensive Bootcamp (Introduction to Machine Learning Part 2)(1, 2, 3

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning Professional Development Intensive Bootcamp Part I for Teachers

12. Keynote Speaker, 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems (ICAIIS 2021). Artificial intelligence and cancer biomarker discovery, by Shrikant Pawar, Keynote speaker, Topic: Github [*2021: 13][**3]

13. Keynote Speaker, 4th International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Simulation 2021. Machine learning application in genomics, by Shrikant Pawar, Keynote speaker and general chair,


Editorial Board Member and Reviewer/Synergistic Activities (Selected)*:

1. PeerJ: The Journal of Life and Environmental Sciences ( IF=3.06

2. Journal of Geology and Mining Research ISSN: 2006-9766

3. African Journal of Agricultural Research ISSN: 1991-637X

4. Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Research

5. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research ISSN: 0975-2366

6. International Journal of Case Reports and Therapeutic Studies ISSN:2689-310X

7. Journal of Bacteriology Research

8. International Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Studies ISSN: 2141-6656

9. AS Medical Sciences ISSN: 2582-0931

10. International Journal of Science and Technology Education Research ISSN: 2141-6559

11. MDPI: Microorganisms, Biology, Prosthesis (, International Journal of Molecular Sciences Topical Advisory Panel (, Pathogens, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Healthcare, Sensors, Cancers, Electronics, Chemistry, Plants, Toxins, Viruses, Cells, Antibiotics, Diagnostics, Advances in Engineering, Processes, Plants, Metabolites, Molecules, Stats, Genes (, Polymer, Biosensors, Coatings (Topical Advisory Panel Member & Topic Editor:, Computation, Applied Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Symmetry, Entropy, Biomedicines, AI, Forecasting (, Mathematics, BioTech, Sustainability, Journal of Molecular Pathology

12. Journal of Advances in Biology ISSN: 2347-6893

13. Current Genomics Certificate ISSN:1875-5488

14. Educational Research and Review IF=10.207

15. Current Cancer Therapy Reviews ISSN: 1875-6301

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20. Computer Science and Programming

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Bioinformatics and Proteomics (

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53. 2022 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Scientists (ABRCMS): Certificate

54. FEBM2022-The Seventh International Conference on Economic and Business Management

55. Primera Scientific Publications (ISSN:2834-2550):

56. Taylor and Francis: Cybernetics and Systems IF=1.8

57. Ad hoc reviewer, Emerging Imaging Technology and Applications (EITA) Panel. Imaging, Surgery, and Bioengineering (ISB) Integrated Review Group (IRG), National Institutes of Health:

58. SciencePG: International Journal of Intelligent Information Systems,

59. Journal of Medinformatics (MEDIN)

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117. Reviewer for National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), National Institute of Health Maximizing Opportunities for Scientific and Academic Independent Careers (MOSAIC) Institutionally-Focused Research Education Applications (UE5) for institutions to support educational activities for postdoctoral scholars that will help them develop professional skills and networks to transition to independent research careers; Innovative Programs to Enhance Research Training (IPERT R25s) to develop and implement courses focused on skills development or mentoring activities; and R13 grants

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126. Technical  Session Chair - ICICT 2024 - 9th International Congress on Information and Communication Technology

127. Technical Program Committee (TPC) member, The 5th Int'l Conference on Bioinformatics and Intelligent Computing (BIC 2024)

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